Thursday, January 2, 2020

                                            IS IT POSSIBLE TO MAKE A CHANGE?

Did you know 70-80% of Healthcare workers get assaulted by the patients they are taking care of or the patients family or their friends. You say to your self how is that possible?
It happens every day here in MA. in every State and every Country. Healthcare violence is an epidemic!
And what are we doing about it and who are the players?
That is a great question ,one that I don't know the answer.
"Recently workplace violence has gained recognition as a distinct category of violent crime that requires specific responses from employers,law enforcement, and the community according to the Department of Labor,Federal Bureau of Investigation( 2004)
How is this working? Who has seen any good effects from these people?
There was one person that seemed to listen to the Healthcare workers and it was Gov. Duvell Patrick The Governor in MA. in 2010 he made it a law ,,if a healthcare worker was assaulted it could result in a misdemeanor.
Since that time their has been Bills filed by Senators and Representatives at the State House to make it a felony instead of a misdemeanor for assaulting healthcare workers. They have never been passed.
Again MA. has two bills sponsored by Senator Michael Brady Senate bill 838 and Representative Paul Tucker House bill 1578
 "An Act Strengthening the penalty for Assault or Assault and Battery on an Emergency Medical Technician, Ambulance Operator, Ambulance Attendant or Health care Provider."
 One solution could be that this law gets passed this time.To do this we need everyone that supports these bills to call their Senators and Representatives.
Can this Happen????
To all that read this Thank You
Sheila Wilson R.N.BSN MPH
Pres. stophealcareviolence
stophealthcareviolence .org
Author "The shocking reality of violence in healthcare and what we can do about it"

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