Sunday, September 3, 2017

I wonder at times, why I think differently then others. There is so much news coverage on the nurse that was arrested. The police officer wanted blood work drawn from a patient and the nurse couldn't / wouldn't do it.
I thought , did the police officer think he could march right in and order blood work from a patient? Why would he think that? Can we as nurses walk into the police department and demand records of criminals? What was so important he couldn't follow the procedures?
But that isn't the real reason I am upset about this whole business. What I don't understand is why this nurse was left to stand on her own! Where was her supervisor? Where was her Director of Nursing? Why wasn't the ER physician handling this incident? S/he is the one ordering the blood work . If  s/he didn't feel the need for this blood work the police officer wanted ,the Medical director should have been called and responded by coming into the ER.
I feel so unsettled due to the lack of support this nurse received.
 Handcuffed and escorted out of the ER by a police officer that needed something in the patients blood work and didn't get it.
Why wasn't the supervisor, head nurse, physician, risk manager, Human Resources, Director of nursing,Medical director ,head of security??????? Most hospitals have a team like this , they are the ones that should of handled the police officer not the nurse.
If I ever ended up in that ER I would want that nurse to take care of me because she is a  GREAT NURSE that takes care of the whole patient awake, asleep or unconscious.