Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Why couldn't the police officer accept what the nurse was saying? Again what was so important?
Why was the nurse abandoned?  Where was anyone in authority? No physicians?
Why didn't ,whoever it was on the phone say I will handle this when I come in, I am on my way"
Who took care of this nurses patients? Did the patients see all this commotion?
Did anyone call the CHIEF of POLICE?
I know being a Monday night Quarterback ER isn't the way to go BUT this nurse was left alone. The devastation was heard in her voice. Her cries for help and really, no one was lending a hand for her. Except a voice I heard saying "she is doing her job"
What type of administration does that to an employee? What type of police force is in Utah?
We as nurses are behind this Nurse. Prayers are sent to her And her family!! !!!!!