Monday, February 10, 2020

                             Tougher  Penalties for Patients who assault healthcare workers

     Many states have the felony law for assaulting healthcare workers, a total of 36 if
    I am correct. I was just re reading an article that was published by Hawaii tribune back in 2018.

    There were 1,075 assaults against healthcare workers in Hawaii hospitals, nursing homes ,and           
    patients homes in 2017.

    A hearing by the House Health and Human Services Committee was held Tuesday morning , The       
    Committee recommended unanimously that HB 1906 should pass.
    This new legislation does not apply to patients with conditions such as dementia,exacerbation of     
    schizophrenia or acute traumatic brain injury.

    This is a short read from the 2018 that was in the Hawaii news 
    (https:www.hawaiitribune,com/category/hawaii- news)

     Congratulations to these lawmakers and the Healthcare workers that stood up and spoke out!

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