Sunday, February 9, 2020

Senator Michael Brady SB 838 And Representative Paul Tucker HB1578
bills went to study    WHY?

We want to let all know the status of HB 1578 and SB 838. 
These bills were sent to the Judicial Committee
  HB 1578
We went to the State House January 15th to meet up with Michael Brady to get an update on SB 838  At that time we were informed that the Bill was in the Judicial Committee for review.  We discussed the bill with Michael Brady’s Staff.  We asked that this bill not be sent to Study as this was the case in previous tries to get this bill passed.  Either the bill would be redirected to another committee or it would be sent to Study.  If sent to study the bill is dead. 
There is so much rhetoric when you speak to a legislator. Seems they are dancing around the subject you are looking for a response.  We just found out for these bills HB 1578 and senate bill 838 was sent to study.  These bills are dead in the water.  
There is always an excuse on why a bill is not passed.  At the last session the focus was on Health Care Reform.  I am guessing the bills we had perhaps would not have applied to the last session. 
There is always an excuse as to why the bills did not pass.   Do they really tell you the truth?  I doubt it. 
Inclusion, it does not matter that there are 36 states that have a felony law in place.   So the victim that has been injured is not in the equation.   We have been working on these Bills, for at least 6 years.  We have heard many comments on why these do not pass.  The only way in our opinion is if there is monetary value for the state that bill will probably be passed.  They forget there is a human being that has been injured in a hospital setting. 

We would like to hear your comments on this issue of helping the medical community.   

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