Saturday, January 13, 2018

Being armed with knowledge ,awareness and information really hasn't harmed anyone. Is this true? Either do something about the issue or maybe stick your head in the sand! These seem to be the choices. Which ever works for you is your choice. But are there consequences if you chose to stick your head in the sand? Of course there is ! it is like those three monkeys blocking their eyes, so they see anything., blocking their ears so they don't hear anything, the last is covering their mouth so they don't say anything. With this choice nothing will change!!!! Is this what we want?
The other choice is arming yourself with knowledge,awareness and information.
This will lead to learning how to recognize, avoid and diffuse potentially violent situations. Do you know the polices in your institution ? How about the laws in your State? The traveling healthcare nurses need to be really informed because every State has different laws.
We all need knowledge to keep safe and keep everyone else safe. Please choose Knowledge,awareness and information. Be safe protect each other !  

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