Sunday, January 21, 2018

I recently was invited to speak at a local hospital on Health care violence. I was very excited to do this. The more people know about healthcare violence the better!
When I walked into the hospital I could feel the hustle and bustle,lots of energy here. People were friendly and very helpful.
I was escorted to where I was giving the talk and asked ,if I needed help setting up. The room was getting crowded. I like to start on time but this time people were still coming in so I waited for a few minutes. Then I started on my talk. as I was talking I watched the group ,some were shaking their head yes to questions on violence, other questions were a no, I could hear a chuckle from some that made me feel they truly knew what I was talking about. About a quarter or half way though my talk ,I asked this question "Is there anyone here that isn't staff?' ( or something like that) and to my surprise there was two Director of Nurses sitting there. I was so pleased that they would come to hear what I had to say.
I wasn't quite finished with my presentation when I asked if they done any of the action plans I had suggested. This Hospital has done so much to help the staff stay safe. We talked about all the safety plans and how they are always finding new ways to help the staff. THEY WORK TOGETHER!
I could tell this staff and administration worked together to find ways on stopping the violence in their organization.
In many of my articles I always write, Lets work as a team administration and staff. Tonight I heard how this was accomplished by this hospital.It can be done.
Thank You !

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