Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Sometimes when we get busy with our own life we forget what has happened to our colleagues. This happens. I wonder though what has happened to some of the healthcare workers that emailed me. The ones that I have spoken to face to face,  the ones that shed their tears from the assault,the pain and the frustration. This is one of the healthcare workers story. 

I hadn’t spoken to my colleague for a few months. I was hoping life was better for her.
She was assaulted while working as a Nurse in a busy emergency room by a young man that was there for evaluation of his mental health.
This assault was not her first in the ER but it is the last. I asked how she was doing and she was quick to answer. I am not doing well I am so tired. Since that assault I haven’t felt good, not one day do I feel good.
This man took away my health, he took away the future I had and he took away my financial status.
I live in pain, I can’t sleep .I go to and see my primary care physician, I go to physical therapy, I go to therapy to get over the nightmares of the assault. I am still angry!
Do you know what he is doing?    “ Living his life the way he wants.”

How many healthcare workers are out there saying the same thing? Let me know please!

PLEASE BE Safe, take care of each other!!!!!!!!!! Being in the Healthcare business can be harmful to your health!