Monday, January 29, 2018

I saw on one of the nursing blogs ,that a nurse wrote that he got injured by a patient. It was written because he had, had enough of the assaults. When he was assaulted before he never did much about them. Maybe he was forgiving, maybe didn't have time to write an incident report,I don't really know his reason BUT this assault did him in. He felt enough was enough and wrote out an incident report and even had a court date.
Not much was going on until his court date and low and behold the day of his court date he received word that he was fired! Another person same setting complained about an assault and was told that,"maybe this isn't the place for you"!
I wonder if a patient did to this person, as is done to the healthcare workers would he change his mind? Does he really think it is acceptable to be assaulted?
Do organizations truly believe that we as healthcare workers should accept this treatment! With an attitude like this, and they are the head of an organization? How scary is that!!!!!!!!!!!!

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