Friday, January 12, 2018

January 12,2018

All the news of Elise Wilson the nurse that was stabbed while working in the ER. Alex Wubbels the nurse that was arrested by a police officer for doing her job. Where is the news now?
 As time goes by and our lives get busy we forget the bad things that happen to good people. There are so many of our colleagues that are battling with so much because of the assaults they were received.
The nurse that was giving a IM injection was horrified when the patient took  the syringe out  and stuck her twice with it. I wonder how she is doing.
The nurse that was strangled with her own stethoscope and left her career because of the incident. What is she doing?
How about all the nurses that witnessed the shooting by the prisoner that was able to get the guards gun. The prisoner ,shot one guard ,then was shot by the other guard?
There are so many of our colleagues out there with PTSD. panic attacks and so much more.
Are these nurses just listed as a statistic?
Who keeps track of these nurses that have given and lost so much?
I want to thank each and every one of the healthcare workers that do their job with all the violence that is around them. Being a healthcare worker is dangerous.We need to stop it ,band together ,stop the assaults, don't give excuses for someone that assaults you! Make out those incident reports,call the police,go to court ,let the people that assault you know that you are not allowing this to happen! If we continue to say nothing, nothing will change and could you or someone you care about be the next to be assaulted?????