Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why don't things change?

I am very passionate about violence in the workplace. As employees ,we should be protected from the people we serve. Why doesn't this happen?
Communication is the best why : writing out incident reports, following up on them. Calling risk management and asking what is being done about the assaults ,police reports, calling the union ( you pay the union )to do something, ask them and have them listen to some ideas on how you think the violence could be handled.
But I bet you know all that. So ask yourself why do the things that matter to you aren't changing?
I already wrote that communication was the best why to get your points heard.

 I was giving a talk in another country recently ,after my talk I was invited to visit with the director of the ED and a few other folks. We spoke about healthcare violence, some of the ideas they shared with me was: Having many trained security guards to keep the hospital safe. another thing they spoke of is the ambulance bay door.
 The ambulance door is very strong ,it can withstand 2,000 pounds of pressure without breaking,but it can bend. I asked why they needed a door that needed to be that strong. He stated, "to protect the staff"I was also told that in another country if a patient acts up and assaults a health care provider, that person is allowed to come back ,however s/he will have a security guard or two with them . The payment for this ,is the patients responsibly.
I was just reading NURSING the finest art by M.Patricia Donahue,PhD,RN,FAAN
"Japan has been in the forefront of engineering a variety of robotic caretakers"
Here is a few ideas ,Don't be afraid of change,be afraid of not changing,be a change agent in your institution.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Nurses lives have been changed after being assaulted!

Nurses and other health care workers are getting assaulted more frequently . In the emails I have received, healthcare workers feel nothing by their administration is being done. In some cases they have been told it is  "part of the job". It is year 2013 it is not part of the job! It really was never part of the job, we are caregivers not police men/women. We carry stethoscopes not guns.
WE need to make the assaults heard, the institution needs to know how often the assaults happen.  "I didn't write out an incident report, nothing will get done anyway" This comment and thought is really old and tiresome.