Thursday, November 12, 2020

Violence is NOT part of the job, In fact ,workplace violence requires a specific response from employers ,law enforcement and the community according to the Department of Labor and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Risk factots must be recognized, employees must be trained and a workplace prevention should be in place.

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Sheila Wilson MPH BSN R.N.

President stohealthcareviolence 

Author The shocking reality of violence in healthcare and what we can do about it!

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

 Shouldn't we as healthcare workers feel safe ,and be safe from violent threats and physical harm in the workplace? Isn't it ,our legal right, under Federal Law ,to be safe from harm in the workplace? 

So why aren't we? Why is it so many healthcare workers are assaulted and still nothing gets done! 

What are we doing to each other when we dont make out incident reports? Why arent we marching up to the CEO'S office and addressing tha violence with her or him. This needs to change and it has to change with us!