Thursday, November 12, 2020

Violence is NOT part of the job, In fact ,workplace violence requires a specific response from employers ,law enforcement and the community according to the Department of Labor and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Risk factots must be recognized, employees must be trained and a workplace prevention should be in place.

Have you been assaulted?

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Sheila Wilson MPH BSN R.N.

President stohealthcareviolence 

Author The shocking reality of violence in healthcare and what we can do about it!

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

 Shouldn't we as healthcare workers feel safe ,and be safe from violent threats and physical harm in the workplace? Isn't it ,our legal right, under Federal Law ,to be safe from harm in the workplace? 

So why aren't we? Why is it so many healthcare workers are assaulted and still nothing gets done! 

What are we doing to each other when we dont make out incident reports? Why arent we marching up to the CEO'S office and addressing tha violence with her or him. This needs to change and it has to change with us!

Friday, May 8, 2020

It isn't easy!

 Speaking with Nurses that are working with the patients every day you can hear what is happening!

Healthcare workers are not equipped with the right equipment that they should be wearing to be safe
from harm. The question is still why didn't they have the right equipment and enough of it ?
Hospitals asked the healthcare workers to wear only one mask a shift (could be 8 hours or 16 hours) then put it in a paper bag or a tupper wear container and they would get sterilized. No one knows if the chemicals used  were safe to breath in?
 I wonder if down the rode the healthcare workers could develop lung problems?????? When the healthcare workers brought in their own homemade masks ,they were told they couldn't use them because they could cause a sinus infection! But they were given hospital masks that are for one use only, sterilized and worn again and again .The practice is unsafe.

"the lack of reliable information on these practices,as well as the potential safety risks of these decontamination procedures  pose risks to the health and safety of health care workers,as well as the general public at large require that these practices be halted" MNA position statement

Thursday, February 27, 2020

 Can we as healthcare workers change our mindset about being assaulted?

Changing  you mindset and changing your way of thinking!

We as healthcare workers have always given excuses to the patients that have assaulted us and accepted their wonderful apology of "I didn't mean to do that to you I am really sorry"
         Being assaulted in the workplace has to stop! the verbal and physical assaults are at a all time             high and are continuing without help from the powers to be.

    It seems as though a lot of facilities are going to study the problem of assault towards healthcare workers. 

WHAT is there to study? 


Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Is this anyone you know? Has this happened to you at work?

Do you know being assaulted is not part of your job?
it isn't in your job description, if it was would you take the job?
Not only do you have the right to a safe workplace THE LAW MANDATES IT.
OSHA law requires your workplace employer to MAINTAIN THE SAFETY of ALL healthcare workers.
If you don't write out incident reports,talk to the administration to let them know 'they can say I DIDN"T KNOW !

Don't allow anyone to harm you!

Friday, February 14, 2020

                                                                         HEAL THE HEALER

     So many of our healthcare workers are injured and going though so much pain and sorrow.
     We as an organization felt one of our missions should be ; provide support and advocacy for the
     victims. Surveys from ENA and MNA states 70-80% of healthcare workers get assaulted at work       by the patient,patients family or the patients friends. Healthcare violence against healthcare                 personnel is an alarming epidemic.

     Having an assault doesn't end when the bruised jaw heals or the black eye fads. It stays with you .       You wonder am I going to get hurt again? Everyone is busy taking care of patients, but they just         saw what happened to you! You put on a brave face and try to explain it away S/he didn't mean           it, saying quickly "S/he just apologized". That makes it go away RIGHT ? WRONG! You and             your coworkers will remember this for a long time. Have you seen a coworker picked up and               thrown across a room?,Heard the noise of a punch? Seen a coworker trip for no reason?
     We have put up with this for too long, we are not doing anyone any favors,the perpetrators, your          coworkers or yourself. So lets work together and stop the violence against healthcare providers.
      The program Heal the Healer is a support group run by Liz Dalton.
      I am putting on a video that she did with a woman Susie Berg a Certified Health coach.
      It is a well known fact that care givers don't take the time to care for themselves. I am hoping this         video will help someone.
       Please if anyone has any ideas ,please email them to me at or comment           below.


Tuesday, February 11, 2020


     Working in the Emergency room for many years ,you meet many different people. The       

     Emergency room is for sick people. The waiting room is for the people that can wait for a while.

     If the triage nurse feels a person is too ill to wait in the waiting she/he will bring that person to the 

     emergency room right away.A few examples would be, Chest pain, diabetic crisis, asthma 

     wheezing, seizures etc. Depending on the staff and how sick this person is ,the person could be 

     seen quickly by MD or not, however the nurse that is inside the ER will be checking you. 

     To walk in an Emergency room and be seen quickly is rare.

     Once the nurse evaluates you ,depending on your complaint s/he may draw blood,do a ekg, put in        
     an IV and run fluids possibly order an x-ray. This is not the whole list I am just giving you an 

     idea So when the Physician comes in all of these tests could be completed. This makes it faster

    and easier for you. The wait isn't so long.Waiting on the results of tests.

   The reason I am writing this is Two nurses were assaulted because a patient "got enraged at the 

   wait times"!!!!! This person had an IV in his arm and he probably had blood work and the rest of         
    the tests as mentioned above but he didn't want to wait now ,he wanted out! So he started 

    assaulting the nurses ,Two nurses were assaulted for doing their job! This has to stop

   This man was arrested, after the nurses finished his treatment. he was booked.I don't know the end 

    result I wish it was written, It would be nice to have him wait in a jail cell.

   So in conclusion how long do you think you should wait before you are seen in the ER? 


Monday, February 10, 2020

                             Tougher  Penalties for Patients who assault healthcare workers

     Many states have the felony law for assaulting healthcare workers, a total of 36 if
    I am correct. I was just re reading an article that was published by Hawaii tribune back in 2018.

    There were 1,075 assaults against healthcare workers in Hawaii hospitals, nursing homes ,and           
    patients homes in 2017.

    A hearing by the House Health and Human Services Committee was held Tuesday morning , The       
    Committee recommended unanimously that HB 1906 should pass.
    This new legislation does not apply to patients with conditions such as dementia,exacerbation of     
    schizophrenia or acute traumatic brain injury.

    This is a short read from the 2018 that was in the Hawaii news 
    (https:www.hawaiitribune,com/category/hawaii- news)

     Congratulations to these lawmakers and the Healthcare workers that stood up and spoke out!

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Senator Michael Brady SB 838 And Representative Paul Tucker HB1578
bills went to study    WHY?

We want to let all know the status of HB 1578 and SB 838. 
These bills were sent to the Judicial Committee
  HB 1578
We went to the State House January 15th to meet up with Michael Brady to get an update on SB 838  At that time we were informed that the Bill was in the Judicial Committee for review.  We discussed the bill with Michael Brady’s Staff.  We asked that this bill not be sent to Study as this was the case in previous tries to get this bill passed.  Either the bill would be redirected to another committee or it would be sent to Study.  If sent to study the bill is dead. 
There is so much rhetoric when you speak to a legislator. Seems they are dancing around the subject you are looking for a response.  We just found out for these bills HB 1578 and senate bill 838 was sent to study.  These bills are dead in the water.  
There is always an excuse on why a bill is not passed.  At the last session the focus was on Health Care Reform.  I am guessing the bills we had perhaps would not have applied to the last session. 
There is always an excuse as to why the bills did not pass.   Do they really tell you the truth?  I doubt it. 
Inclusion, it does not matter that there are 36 states that have a felony law in place.   So the victim that has been injured is not in the equation.   We have been working on these Bills, for at least 6 years.  We have heard many comments on why these do not pass.  The only way in our opinion is if there is monetary value for the state that bill will probably be passed.  They forget there is a human being that has been injured in a hospital setting. 

We would like to hear your comments on this issue of helping the medical community.   

Thursday, February 6, 2020


                                        WHICH FACILITY IS GOING TO DO SOMETHING?

     Maybe I have been at this for toooooo long, I just read about another hospital talking about the violence in their place.I think the jest of the story is yes they will look into it.
Look into WHAT? The solution is really simple
your employees are getting assaulted, they are on workman comp then disability. you no longer have a healthcare worker, leaving the facility understaffed. That means staff shortages,its effects on the workers,the public you are suppose to care for.
  Federal law: under federal law you are entitled to a safe workplace

  Your employer  MUST provide a workplace free of known health and safety hazards.

Why is it taking so long????????

Thursday, January 9, 2020


                                                    Making Peace with God

                       Let’s talk about violence, assaults and homicide.
When we think of violence, violent attacks, or homicide, most people imagine street crime, a convenience store robbery gone very badly, or perhaps a lethal home invasion.
My topic is different: violence perpetrated against healthcare workers-nurses, physicians, emergency techs, medical assistants, x-ray techs and so forth-at the hands of patients, patient’s family members and patient acquaintances.

                                             A Population Under Attack

The healthcare employee population is, literally and figuratively, under attack and victims are losing their sense of freedom, safety, emotional stability, and in some cases their lives.
Nurses have been violently attacked by patients that they were taken care of. Beaten, stabbed, knocked out and a nurse was shot another nurse was raped.
Violent attacks on healthcare workers has become an out of control pandemic.

                                 “Have a Good Day, See You Later” 

I have been a nurse for over 40 years. As healthcare workers, we never know if we are going to get home without being injured-or if we are to return home at all.
When we kiss a spouse or hug a child goodbye before heading off to work, each wishing the other a good day, too many of us return home a completely different person, or never return home at all.
                                              “Just suck it up “

Despite the widespread and out of control occurrences of violence -perpetrated too 
 often, too frequently. And against too many of us-and despite the pervasive acceptance by victim and administrator alike that its “just part of the job” it’s a fact that being assaulted is not in any healthcare job description.
This bears repeating: being assaulted is not in any healthcare job description
Yet both victims and administrators are sweeping it under the rug.

                                   ONE VICTIMS TALE: MEET JANE

 Nurses everywhere need to read this account, even if you don’t believe it applies to you. Unfortunately, many healthcare workers will identify with this victim’s experience.
            I was sitting down charting/ documenting on my patient. Out of the corner of my eye I see a patient unsteady on her feet, coming right at me. I get up and try to steady her, and she falls into my chair. The patient grabs the back of my neck, pulls me down on her lap wrenching and twisting my neck and head. My back is slammed against the arm of the chair. She keeps wrenching and twisting my neck and head, I felt like I was losing (consciousness) My strength is ebbing, I am becoming weak and I am praying to God… I am making peace with my God. I thought I was going to die.
My colleagues are all over me, trying to help. One of the nurses is grabbing the patient’s hand as the patient strains to bite my hand; the other nurse has the patient’s other hand behind her back. The patient persisted in her attack until she heard the voice of the security guard to stop. It wasn’t until then that she put her hands in the air, and I was free. FREE!

                                                  Like an Onion

Jane’s physical assault is only part of her experience.
An assault is like the layers of an onion. First there is the actual event; then there is the physical, emotional and financial aftermath; and finally, there is the social, familial and employer response.
The emotional trauma following an assault is different for everyone, but for Jane she is forced to revisit the attack and the accompany terror she experiences pain or numbness. Today, Jane continues to battle with anxiety, severe stress, and inability to sleep as a result of her experience.
Jane has become hyper-vigilant of her surroundings and has suffered a loss of confidence in her abilities to respond without pause or hesitancy to emergency situations- a trait critical to her career as a healthcare worker.
As a result of theses physical and emotional repercussions, Jane has not been able to return to the same unit that previously employed her.
And. finally, there is perhaps the most disturbing aftermath to a violent event:
The victim’s coworkers, and sometimes family, just wants her to “get over it” get on with life and move on. “you’re alive, aren’t you? When are you going back to work? When will you stop moping around? What is the big deal? Stop being a Drama Queen!
Countless individuals have been in this situation, healthcare workers are hurt, disabled and scared to continue the only job they want to do.
 After being assaulted they are unable to continue. Someone took away their health, paycheck and career!
We need to have a call to action! We need to continue writing incident reports, call the police, become change agents Change the culture of your environment, stop enabling these people that assault us, don’t accept that being assaulted is part of your job! talk about the violence, support each other. Watch each other’s back.

Sheila Wilson MPH BSN R.N.

Author: “The shocking reality of violence in healthcare and what we can do about it”

Thursday, January 2, 2020

                                            IS IT POSSIBLE TO MAKE A CHANGE?

Did you know 70-80% of Healthcare workers get assaulted by the patients they are taking care of or the patients family or their friends. You say to your self how is that possible?
It happens every day here in MA. in every State and every Country. Healthcare violence is an epidemic!
And what are we doing about it and who are the players?
That is a great question ,one that I don't know the answer.
"Recently workplace violence has gained recognition as a distinct category of violent crime that requires specific responses from employers,law enforcement, and the community according to the Department of Labor,Federal Bureau of Investigation( 2004)
How is this working? Who has seen any good effects from these people?
There was one person that seemed to listen to the Healthcare workers and it was Gov. Duvell Patrick The Governor in MA. in 2010 he made it a law ,,if a healthcare worker was assaulted it could result in a misdemeanor.
Since that time their has been Bills filed by Senators and Representatives at the State House to make it a felony instead of a misdemeanor for assaulting healthcare workers. They have never been passed.
Again MA. has two bills sponsored by Senator Michael Brady Senate bill 838 and Representative Paul Tucker House bill 1578
 "An Act Strengthening the penalty for Assault or Assault and Battery on an Emergency Medical Technician, Ambulance Operator, Ambulance Attendant or Health care Provider."
 One solution could be that this law gets passed this time.To do this we need everyone that supports these bills to call their Senators and Representatives.
Can this Happen????
To all that read this Thank You
Sheila Wilson R.N.BSN MPH
Pres. stophealcareviolence
stophealthcareviolence .org
Author "The shocking reality of violence in healthcare and what we can do about it"