Tuesday, February 11, 2020


     Working in the Emergency room for many years ,you meet many different people. The       

     Emergency room is for sick people. The waiting room is for the people that can wait for a while.

     If the triage nurse feels a person is too ill to wait in the waiting she/he will bring that person to the 

     emergency room right away.A few examples would be, Chest pain, diabetic crisis, asthma 

     wheezing, seizures etc. Depending on the staff and how sick this person is ,the person could be 

     seen quickly by MD or not, however the nurse that is inside the ER will be checking you. 

     To walk in an Emergency room and be seen quickly is rare.

     Once the nurse evaluates you ,depending on your complaint s/he may draw blood,do a ekg, put in        
     an IV and run fluids possibly order an x-ray. This is not the whole list I am just giving you an 

     idea So when the Physician comes in all of these tests could be completed. This makes it faster

    and easier for you. The wait isn't so long.Waiting on the results of tests.

   The reason I am writing this is Two nurses were assaulted because a patient "got enraged at the 

   wait times"!!!!! This person had an IV in his arm and he probably had blood work and the rest of         
    the tests as mentioned above but he didn't want to wait now ,he wanted out! So he started 

    assaulting the nurses ,Two nurses were assaulted for doing their job! This has to stop

   This man was arrested, after the nurses finished his treatment. he was booked.I don't know the end 

    result I wish it was written, It would be nice to have him wait in a jail cell.

   So in conclusion how long do you think you should wait before you are seen in the ER? 


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