Sunday, August 27, 2017

Did you Know?

Lets talk about violence,assaults and homicide.
When we think of violence,violent attacks ,or homicide, most people imagine street crime ,a convenience store robbery gone very badly,or perhaps a lethal home invasion.
My topic is different : violence perpetrated against healthcare workers-nurses,physicians,emergency techs, medical aides,and so forth-at the hands of patients, patients family members and patient acquaintances.
80% of healthcare workers get assaulted   YES I wrote 80% of healthcare workers get assaulted!!!!
The healthcare employee population is,literally and figuratively under attack,and the victims are losing their sense of freedom,safety, emotional stability and in some cases their lives.

We need to continue to let the public know how much violence there is!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

I have read numerous articles about healthcare violence just in the past few days. I am so pleased that the violence in healthcare settings is being recognized. It has been a problem for years. BUT it seems to be all talk! "Needs to be studied more" seems to be in a lot of the writings. My response is
Healthcare professionals are getting hurt in all healthcare facilities. Why isn't anything being done????? The public has very little knowledge of what nurses do . We need to let them know!
 We need to work together and get this job of violence under control now!