Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stopping the violence can be stopped if we work together !!!!!!!!!!!

Time goes by so fast , that if we don't take a breath we will never be able to live in the moment.

I am getting all sorts of emails and phone calls from healthcare workers that have been assaulted.
The name calling, pushing ,shoving,biting ,spitting etc. is still going on. When will it stop?
That question has been around for years,The answer is
.If we as healthcare workers don't do anything about it and allow these people to assault us, the violence will go  on forever.
But if we work with our institution and keep at it ,it can be stopped.

I can hear you say ( because I have been there)

1. IF I complain about it I could lose my job.
 BUT if you don't complain about it you could lose your life or be injured enough that you can't work at all.

2.The patient didn't really mean it, s\he was really intoxicated.
 What does this person do to the family when s\he is drunk. Does being drunk excuse the behavior? What if this person was driving while drunk and hit and killed someone is that alright?????

3. These are just two examples that I hear us say to frequently. We need to put on our professional hats and make a stand.

In the ENA position statement  it is written:

Health care organizations have a responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for their employees and the public.

Band together and help the organization  keep you safe ! Make noise, don't allow one more person to hurt you.

Happy  New Year......

Sheila Wilson R.N.BSN MPH