Monday, July 27, 2015

State House to testify.for bil HB 1164

Well the day has come and gone. July 14,2015 1PM I was  at the State house to testify why I thought the Massachusetts law should be changed from a misdemeanor to a felony.
I had thought I would meet the team for Rep.Bruce Ayers there and maybe sit with me,( I laughed at myself ,because I remember how our patients in the ER would say I am meeting my Doctor in the ER)
I am new at all this politics, I feel there is a bill pending to help the nurses, healthcare workers and EMTS why isn't everyone excited about it? But maybe they are and they life doesn't allow for them to come into the State house.
After I emailed Sean Costello ,Rep Bruce Ayers team member ,he changed his schedule and we met in his office. He and Rep. Ayers had other meetings to attend to.So they couldn't go to the hearing.
I signed a paper to say I would speak and then Paula Murray R.N. also signed a paper to speak. I listened for 3.5 hours before my name was called to speak and Paula waited another hour. There was many bills being heard.
I was told if the bill didn't make it I might know in a week or two weeks or three weeks or more. But even if it didn't make it this round it isn't dead,   OMG clear as mud.
There are 32 states now that have a felony bill there is only 18 states left. So I think to myself  WHAT IS THE PROBLEM.WHY AM I HAVING SUCH A PROBLEM WITH SOMETHING TO ME MAKES SINCE.
I have many letters of support and I thank every organization that has written and every person that took time to write,email,or call their representative this isn't easy. To find the time in your day to call your representative isn't as easy as it sounds. So again a big thank you for everyone that has made that effort and if you know other people we could still need the support .
I haven't heard any news and today is 7-27-15.
Paula Murray telling her story about her assault!

I just want to say I watched the new program that is on TV called "Boston EMS" and I knew most of them. I am honored and feel privileged to have worked  with them when I was in the ER. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!