Sunday, October 6, 2013

Know your patient and you are ahead of the violence!

This is a simple trick to keep the violence down, in your place of work. It will take a while to work on it, however when it is completed, it will only take maintenance work.
The top item to work on, is communication.
If all the powers to be, sat down and talked with each other and stated what they really need, it would be grand.
 The people in administration would state what they need, to make  the changes and keep the staff safe.
The healthcare workers would speak to administration and tell them about the assaults ,physical, verbal , emotional and any other assault that has happened .Speaking how they see the problem and what they feel that could be a solution.
Now the question is HOW do they do it?
First there has to be a commitment on all parties. This isn't a job for one person....
Who are the people that assault the staff? Patients? The patients family members,? The patients friends?  anyone else?????
How has administration been notified about the assaults in the past? Do the healthcare workers feel that they are listened too?
Are the healthcare workers given administration enough knowledge that they can see an issue?
The whole point is>>>>>>>>>>>
What does the staff need to do ,to have administration pay attention and do what's needed ?
What does administration need to do for the staff ,to let them know that administration is supporting them and understand that being assaulted is not part of their job.
Being safe in a job is not asking to much.
Comments are always welcomed.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This sign was seen in a clinic Bellows falls VT. This clinic wants there customers to know their staff is very important.
Why can't we all have signage like this?