Saturday, June 17, 2017

Nurse shot in leg !

   A nurse shot in the leg today by a hyperactive patient that was able to get a policeman's gun.
This happened at West Marion Hospital Ocala Florida.  Today 6/17/17.   "REALLY"
There were no further details on this incident as of yet.

I really don't know what to think! There are so many question and no answers. Can anyone respond on why and how this is happening?
Have we as healthcare workers allowed all this to happen? Do we think it really is part of the job to be assaulted?
Time to stand up and make all sorts of noise, This is not right, we need protection, we need to work together and stop this violence.
Prayers to this nurse,her family,friends and colleagues.

Sheila Wilson R.N.BSN MPH

President of stophealthcareviolence

The shocking reality of Healthcare violence and what we can do about it. Has been published as a ebook and now paperback. 

A Triage nurse stabbed 4 times by a 24 year old male whom was unhappy with the care he received 3 weeks before stabbed her!!!!!!!

The violence in healthcare is escalating and it is the healthcare worker that gets the injury. S/he suffers , life as they had it ,is no longer there.
We have to change this! We no longer accept the attitude it is part of the job! Really it isn't part of the job.
I think it is about time we make noise about how often we get punched, spit on, slapped and kicked by the person or their family or friends that we take care of.
Make out incident reports ,IT IS A PAPER TRAIL ! Follow up with the incident report and make sure your administrator is well of it! DONT SWEEP IT UNDER THE RUG ANY LONGER!
That triage nurse was just doing her job , it is outrageous that happen!

In the State of MA. we have a law assaulting healthcare workers that is a misdemeanor, we are trying to change it to a felony like 33 other states have done for assaulting healthcare workers.
Please call,write or email your Senator or Representative or both to support the bills for assaulting healthcare workers. To find your legislator click the link below.

Thank you we need your support!