Saturday, April 23, 2016

Fourteen Days

Time goes by very quickly for some of us. I realized it has been over a week since the last news of Pembroke Hospital.

In fact, it has been two weeks. Fourteen days have passed since the last news item covering Pembroke Hospital was posted.

But what does that mean? Is it a good sign, or a bad one? I don’t know.

Anyone reading the coverage by reporter Chris Burrell of the Patriot Ledger must realize Pembroke psychiatric hospital was being watched not by only one agency but five agencies, and these agencies were going to suggest what was wrong and the for-profit psychiatric facility administration was to fix it or else.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Utah Joins the Club

Utah becomes the 33rd state to enact felony law for assaulting healthcare workers; in Massachusetts it remains a misdemeanor

Congratulations to Utah Governor Gary Herbert and Utah Senator Brian E Shiozawa, MD on becoming the 33rd state to increase penalties for acts of violence against emergency medical care providers.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

And Then There Were Four

Three Other Arbour Facilities Now Target of Investigations 

On April 9, 2016, Chris Burrell of the Patriot Ledger reported more on the problems and violations discovered at psych facility Pembroke Hospital, owned by Arbour Health System.

However, I didn’t expect that three additional Arbour psychiatric facilities have also become the target of investigations.

Along with Pembroke Hospital, Arbour facilities Westwood Lodge, Arbour Hospital in Jamaica Plain, and The Quincy Center have all been ordered to “take immediate steps to correct ‘urgent patient care and life safety violations.’”

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter Night Surprise at Pembroke Hospital

Another surprise inspection yet still no changes

The Department of Mental Health made a surprise visit on Sunday night (Easter night, 3/27/16) to Pembroke Hospital. No report has been made on the results of this visit.

The Department of Mental health will “make unannounced visits across all shifts and days until improvements have been made to protect worker and patient safety,” according to Quincy’s Patriot Ledger.