Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shooting in the ER

Thinking about the incident in the Boston ER ,where the prisoner tried to take a gun away from the guard and shooting him in the leg because he couldn't get the gun out of the holster and the other guard shooting the prisoner in the chest makes me very aware how much violence there really is . The violence of different community's are invading places that should be safe for the staff and the visitors. 
I wasn't at this scene today so I am writing this blog on reports that I have have heard on the TV.
I would like to comment on this. I have worked in Emergency rooms and seen what guards and police do when they are with patients that are prisoners.
 I want to thank those guards that were there  ,they had to be not only well trained but really take their job seriously. Knowing the layout of many hospital ER's I could imagine the harm that could have come to the staff and patients.
I believe the guards with their actions saved the staff and the patients from grave danger. Thank You .