Monday, May 26, 2014

If a patient squeezes your breast would you say you were assaulted?

I was speaking to a couple of nurses I just met and I was asking them if they get a assaulted at work. One of the nurses stated that never happened to her,she looked confused and asked if nurses really got assaulted at work. I went into a long and lengthy detail about how the violence is worse than ever. That nurses have to become change agents ,stick together and work with the institution so no one gets hurt.
After our talk she stated she did know someone that was injured but never heard it from the hospital but read it in the newspaper. I thought why was the staff of nurses so quiet ???? They should have been making a lot of noise to stop the violence from ever happening again.
Then I spoke to another nurse and if I had shut my eyes I would have thought I was back in the ER's I had worked. When I asked her if she was ever assaulted,she smiled and stated WELL a little , when I questioned a little further YES she had her wrist twisted,she has been slapped and also had her breast squeezed by a a patient/customer. I asked what did you do ? Her response was "I told them not to do that again,then they said I was being mean to them" This is what I meant when I said I felt I was back in my ER"S the nurses wrote up reports but nothing ever changed,it seemed no one cared enough to follow up.
I wonder what people think about being grabbed,punched ,hit, slapped or having your breasts squeezed. Is that alright? Should this person be held responsible for this action? I bet since no punishment is given, s/he will do it again and laugh. My other concern is this same person doing it to family members?
What if the healthcare workers grabbed some guys penis and laughed ,I bet there would be HELL to be paid!
What do you think?????

Sheila Wilson R.N. BSN MPH

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Because nothing gets done!

It is amazing ,what is in the news today and the news of yesteryear  ;. Are they all that different?
When we communicate to each other and hear different opinions . we hear things,that can make us think outside of what we normally would think..That is good!
I was listening to the conversation about why the students don't make out police reports after they have been assaulted! Someone spoke up and stated they do make out reports but not everyone, because they know nothing will get done.  Then you find out that nothing was done and the colleges are now being looked at because they didn't address the issue. .
Why is it the females in the armed services don't make out reports after being assaulted or did they? Now armed forces are under scrutiny, to find out why,they didn't address the issue of the reports?
Why are the women that are involved in domestic abuse ,staying ? Not leaving that situation! Is it because nothing really gets done?
Why is it that healthcare workers aren't making out reports? or are they and again NOTHING GETS DONE

Because nothing gets done to help the situations...... These are complicated,serious,hard issues.
I certainly am not linking all these issues together but look at what I wrote, there is one link,one thread that ties all these together.
   IT happens to women, I don't want you to think that I don't think it could happen to men ,I know it does however the stats will show you it is the women that get assaulted more then men. however it is about women.
We need to do something!
I don't understand why a college wouldn't want to keep its students safe?
Why does the armed forces fail to keep their people safe .
Why does the Domestic violence still have a high rate of offenders.
Why are healthcare workers still being assaulted and again the people that can prevent it ,DON'T?
I hope some one will have the answers and share them...
No one deserves to be assaulted,college females the females that will some day run our country ,women in the service protecting our country .
Mothers ,woman don't deserve to be beaten for any reason.
I would like to see that all hospitals work together to help their employees be safe..
All the solutions are already available ,all they would have to do is activate them. Wouldn't cost a lot!

Sheila Wilson R.N.BSN MPH