Friday, February 14, 2020

                                                                         HEAL THE HEALER

     So many of our healthcare workers are injured and going though so much pain and sorrow.
     We as an organization felt one of our missions should be ; provide support and advocacy for the
     victims. Surveys from ENA and MNA states 70-80% of healthcare workers get assaulted at work       by the patient,patients family or the patients friends. Healthcare violence against healthcare                 personnel is an alarming epidemic.

     Having an assault doesn't end when the bruised jaw heals or the black eye fads. It stays with you .       You wonder am I going to get hurt again? Everyone is busy taking care of patients, but they just         saw what happened to you! You put on a brave face and try to explain it away S/he didn't mean           it, saying quickly "S/he just apologized". That makes it go away RIGHT ? WRONG! You and             your coworkers will remember this for a long time. Have you seen a coworker picked up and               thrown across a room?,Heard the noise of a punch? Seen a coworker trip for no reason?
     We have put up with this for too long, we are not doing anyone any favors,the perpetrators, your          coworkers or yourself. So lets work together and stop the violence against healthcare providers.
      The program Heal the Healer is a support group run by Liz Dalton.
      I am putting on a video that she did with a woman Susie Berg a Certified Health coach.
      It is a well known fact that care givers don't take the time to care for themselves. I am hoping this         video will help someone.
       Please if anyone has any ideas ,please email them to me at or comment           below.


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