Friday, May 8, 2020

It isn't easy!

 Speaking with Nurses that are working with the patients every day you can hear what is happening!

Healthcare workers are not equipped with the right equipment that they should be wearing to be safe
from harm. The question is still why didn't they have the right equipment and enough of it ?
Hospitals asked the healthcare workers to wear only one mask a shift (could be 8 hours or 16 hours) then put it in a paper bag or a tupper wear container and they would get sterilized. No one knows if the chemicals used  were safe to breath in?
 I wonder if down the rode the healthcare workers could develop lung problems?????? When the healthcare workers brought in their own homemade masks ,they were told they couldn't use them because they could cause a sinus infection! But they were given hospital masks that are for one use only, sterilized and worn again and again .The practice is unsafe.

"the lack of reliable information on these practices,as well as the potential safety risks of these decontamination procedures  pose risks to the health and safety of health care workers,as well as the general public at large require that these practices be halted" MNA position statement

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