Saturday, March 26, 2016

WBZ Business Breakfast and Safety at Work

With Boston Police Commissioner William Evans
On March 24, 2016 I attended WBZ’s Business Breakfast, where the topic was Safety at Work – Maintaining a Safe and Secure Workplace.

At the venue I met Boston Police Commissioner William Evans. We spoke briefly about the healthcare violence and House Bill #1164 that has been sent to study. The other speakers were former Police Commissioner Ed Davis, Lexington School Superintendent Dr. Mary Czajkowski, FBI Special Agent Harold Shaw, all of whom were interviewed by WBZ News anchor Joe Mathieu.   
The presenters covered topics such as what to do if in the event of an “active shooter situation;” the use of cameras and video in such situations; and how technology, social media, email and texting has positively assisted their efforts. They described the importance of working with the community by outreach; the training and practice of quick thinking; and reflecting on decisions made and actions taken.

Discussions included what the presenters and their peers need to expect from us and what do we expect from them; building partnerships; and learning about communities while letting the communities learn about them.

While it would be impossible to capture the entire session in one blog post, I came away highly impressed with the whole program.

It was such a privilege to speak to the Police Commissioner, and listen to the other speakers. The work they and others have done and continue to do is outstanding.

To Commissioner Evans, former Commissioner Davis, Superintendent Czajkowski, and Agent Shaw, I extend my sincerest appreciation and gratitude for your work and dedication.

Sheila Wilson R.N. BSN MPH
Stop Healthcare Violence

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