Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ok; Let's Roll

Ok, my fellow supporters, colleagues and friends; it is time.

Many of you have cheered me on over the last eight years since the inception of Stop Healthcare Violence; particularly as I and some of my associates lobbied endlessly and tirelessly for the passage of felony legislation as a means to curb healthcare violence. Now it is time for action. 

I need you to do something for me; it's not a difficult thing and it won't take much, but it could lead to be something significant and could have a major impact on healthcare safety.

We are trying to solicit co-sponsors for Massachusetts Docket #HD 1329, An Act Strengthening the Penalty for Assault or Assault and Battery on an Emergency Medical Technician, Ambulance Operator, Ambulance Attendant or Health Care Provider. This Docket will eventually be filed as a Bill that would replace HB #1164 that was, last year, sent to study. 

Here's what I need you to do: 

Please contact your senators or representatives and ask him or her to co-sponsor this Docket.

You can find your legislator here:

And you can use the following example for your letter, email or telephone call to them:
My name is Sheila Wilson RN BSN MPH President and co-founder of Stop Healthcare Violence. I am asking you to consider co-sponsoring Docket #HD 1329 due to the increase of violence in the workplace. We as healthcare workers are being assaulted by patients, patients’ family members, and friends of the patients. 
Violence against Healthcare workers has reached epidemic levels. Health care workers experience the most non-fatal workplace with attacks on these professions accounting for nearly 70% of all non-fatal workplace assaults. You may not know but at this writing 33 states have changed their law to a felony for assaulting health care workers BUT Massachusetts is not one of them. I wonder why, especially when Massachusetts was always the leader for the health care. This legislation would increase the penalties for assaulting emergency medical technicians, ambulance operators, ambulance attendants and other healthcare workers. Punishable by up to five years in state prison.

Won't you please take five minutes to do this? 
I thank you in advance for your consideration. Now, let's roll.

President, Stop Healthcare Violence

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