Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Yes! A Cheer for MNA's Support

I have the distinct pleasure of presenting the following from Donna Kelly-Williams, president of  Massachusetts Nurses Association:
Health care professionals are being assaulted at a rate four times the national average. Fear of violence and actual violence is rampant in Massachusetts health care facilities. It is clear the laws we have in place are not enough to stop the violence. A hospital should be a place where patients go to heal and nurses and other health care professionals are able to provide care in a safe environment. The Massachusetts Nurses Association is proud to partner with Sheila Wilson, co-founder of Stop Healthcare Violence, and the Massachusetts Emergency Nurse Association, in our effort to improve the safety of every health care facility in the Commonwealth.
Stop Healthcare Violence looks forward to working with the MNA in our efforts to engender a safe and supportive work environment for healthcare workers everywhere.

Sheila Wilson R.N.BSN MPH
President, Stop Healthcare Violence

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